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Inspired by many things, from renaissance art to Dolly Parton, classical to kitsch, each collection evolves naturally from the last, with new colours, shapes and patterns fitting seamlessly into the Atelier Jen aesthetic.
This jewellery is a collection of bespoke statement pieces that are colourful, decorative and highly detailed. Made from layers of paper, securely glued together, then decorated with gold and silver leaf overlayed with a riot of pattern and colour. When finished they are coated in waterproof varnish. The result is jewellery which is so light it can be worn all day and night, but which is surprisingly hardwearing.
Jen has a degree in textile design and has had a successful career as a designer and artist, using papier mâché as her medium for many years. After living in London, she and her husband moved to France in 2004. She began applying her techniques to creating the jewellery 4 years ago.